Modern time and attendance system HRON

Increase your company's performance by automating and reducing the administrative burden on your HR department, and save valuable time for more stretching tasks such as talent management.

Effortless attendance monitoring

Track attendance effortlessly, whether in the office or remotely using the app, teminal or web.

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Digitising and automating attendance processes will make your business more efficient and ahead of the competition

Cost reduction

Save costs and your employees' time. Thanks to process automation and fast exports for the payroll department, payroll preparation will be easy and efficient.

Ensuring compliance with legal and other regulations

Automated attendance tracking makes it easier for organisations to comply with labour laws and regulations regarding working hours, breaks and overtime. This reduces the risk of legal problems and financial penalties.

Improving employee productivity and attendance

Automating attendance tracking will reduce errors, increase transparency, and make monitoring of unscheduled absences more transparent. The result is an overall improvement in labour productivity.

Comprehensive solution for a single price

HRON is unique in that, compared to its competitors, it offers clients a comprehensive solution with all the necessary features at a single price.

Customization options

HRON offers its clients a wide range of options to personalize the system for their specific needs.

User-friendly interface

The attendance system offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for administrators and end users to navigate.

Comprehensive support

The option of using a comprehensive support system to ensure that any issues are resolved immediately and you get the help you need.

Reliability and accuracy

We understand that your operations depend on the consistent and reliable performance of our software. We therefore use the latest technology to ensure reliability and accuracy.

Data Security

We use robust measures to protect sensitive data. These include the AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting) security framework with RBAC (Role-Based Access Control), API filtering at the gateway level, or the VPN Entguard system developed by us for secure private access to the corporate network.

Easy integration

Seamless integration and easy installation on Windows, macOS, Linux, Apple iOS, and Android platforms.

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Function overview

Real-time attendance monitoring
Automatic alerts for approving applications
Attendance records via chips, web or mobile app
Export of attendance to different accounting systems
Quick and easy entry of requests for leave, PTO, sick leave
Overview of leave balances
Staff absence calendar
Creating your own categories of free time
Compatibility with Windows, macOS, Linux, Apple iOS, Android

Advantages of the HRON attendance system

Do you need very strict attendance control or do you prefer a looser system? Do you have problems keeping track of work from home or business trips? The high flexibility and adaptability of the HRON system to variable requirements make it the ideal solution for a wide range of companies and industries.

Easily record attendance from anywhere via mobile app, web, or terminal.

Less paperwork and administrative tasks associated with attendance records.

Quickly export data to payroll systems such as Money S3.

Hron can monitor the actual presence of people in the workplace, thereby improving health and safety at work.

Accurate data and visibility of employee attendance promotes transparency and minimises the scope for potential unethical behaviours.

HRON also monitors attendance and work tasks employees off-site.


Yes, the system itself calculates employee meal voucher entitlements according to the employee’s working hours.

The ideal solution is the HRON mobile app, which can be simply downloaded from the App Store / Play Store and there’s nothing stopping you from monitoring your employees’ attendance.

Of course, we try to meet even the most demanding requirements at all times. We will be happy to add specific features or combinations.

Absolutely yes, send us more information on them and we will be happy to help you.

There are several ways: chip, card, mobile, RFID/NFC stickers. It’s up to you which solution suits you best.