Improving productivity with the HRON attendance system

Effective workforce management leads to performance growth and overall company success. Can a time and attendance system be a strong partner on this never-ending journey to greater efficiency for companies?

As a rule, an attendance system does not mean controlling.

Putting trust in employees is one of the main pillars of a successful company. We can all probably agree that it is more important to us to get the work done on time than a neat spreadsheet with a statement of time worked. By deploying an attendance system, you don't let your employees know that you don't trust them or want to keep them under surveillance. On the contrary, you offer them a simplification of the work agenda, especially for your HRists.

Information flow, planning, higher productivity.

Consider a hypothetical situation involving a company with approximately 200 employees. Such a number of people already requires a well thought-out HR organisation and a smooth flow of information. For example, substitutability during summer holidays is a big issue. With HRON, every manager has a perfect overview of the holiday planning in their team, but also of unplanned absences for various reasons. This way, employees no longer have to enforce signed attendance slips and the HR manager has to answer questions like "How much leave do I have left?" on a daily basis.

HRON is a reliable partner that ensures transparency and order in the area of employee attendance. Its attendance administration system is simple, flexible and always ready for your needs.

We've shrunk the HRON down to the point where it fits in any pocket or purse, no matter how small. We have created a fully functional attendance app for both IOS and Android mobile phones. Requisitions, signing attendance, business trips or the shift calendar are available whenever you need them.

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