Attendance tracking process – efficient and effortless

Traditional attendance tracking methods do not allow for real-time tracking of attendance nor do they offer easy access to attendance information. With the current demands on work processes, traditional methods are thus becoming increasingly time-consuming and administratively burdensome.

HRON is a modern attendance system tailored to the needs of your company, saving HR managers valuable time and employers money. By automating the attendance tracking process, it will allow them to spend more time on more critical tasks, and by automating processes and quickly exporting for payroll department needs, payroll preparation will be effortless and more efficient.

HRON is a modern, flexible time and attendance system that can be accurately and easily adapted to the needs of a wide range of companies and organisations of different sizes and focuses. It saves employers money and HR staff valuable time that they can spend on more important tasks. It simplifies payroll preparation thanks to process automation and fast exports for the payroll department.

The automation that HRON brings reduces the risk of human errors and inaccuracies in attendance records. It reduces the risk of unethical employee behaviour in terms of attendance and ensures better compliance with labour laws and regulations on working time, breaks and overtime. It can prevent legal problems and financial penalties.

The seamless tracking of attendance through the HRON app not only saves time but also contributes to greater transparency. This modern solution provides a real-time view of attendance, increasing transparency and enabling more efficient attendance management for your business.

Benefits of using the HRON attendance system:

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