Simplify the work of your recruiters

Being a recruiter is not an easy job

Take for example the HR manager Lucia. She gets to work early every morning so that she can process the paper applications for vacation, time off and passes, correct the ever-occurring attendance errors in Excel, monitor the time pool, prepare the absence report, answer the same repetitive questions from her colleagues about employee benefits, remaining vacation time, time pool for doctor’s appointments, or company benefits.

Lucia likes her job. But the constant cycle of stereotypical tasks and questions robs her of the time needed for other important activities. Neglecting them, however, can have a negative impact not only on her professional development, but also on the development of the entire company she works for. That is why she regrets that she does not have enough time to develop new employee programs, internal trainings or innovations in human resources. The daily repetitive manual agenda gradually dampens Lucie’s enthusiasm for work. What about it?

HRON helps recruiters save time

Luckily, the boss noticed that something was bothering Lucia. He understood that her situation needed to be addressed and began researching the market for HR tools. He was intrigued by PANTHEON’s HRON attendance system. They put it into trial operation and were thrilled. HRON has made it much easier for Lucia to process attendance records and at the same time ensure that the data is reliably and securely stored, backed up and sent to the accounting system for further processing in one click. Despite her initial disbelief, Lucia was impressed by how quickly and accurately HRON generated reports on attendance, missed classes and other data.

With its intuitive interface and simple operation, HRON freed Lucia from unnecessary administrative work. She could finally have focused more on improving systems and processes in the HR department. It bought time for creativity and development of new initiatives that had a positive impact on employee satisfaction and engagement.

Employees are also in control

HRON has also proved to make life easier for all employees. Suddenly, they had a tool that clearly and easily provided them with all the necessary information about attendance and leave, or allowed them to easily report a visit to the doctor, sick leave or medical treatment from the convenience of a web browser on a computer or an app on a mobile phone.

HRON has become the key to Lucia’s personal growth and the success of the entire HR department.

What about you? Do you also have Lucie’s at work that you would like to help get rid of unnecessary agenda? So don’t hesitate, show that you like your recruiters and contact us so that HRON can help them too.