HRON helps to address substitutability during holidays

Jano is sick, Katka and Andrej are on vacation and Mišo is on a business trip. What the devil, Jano is in charge of the company's agenda, in which only Katka, Andrej and Mišo can represent him. Work is standing still, clients are waiting impatiently and the manager is desperately looking for a way out of this unpleasant mess.

Keep track of planned absences from work

Holiday periods can significantly affect the functionality of a company. Especially when multiple employees schedule time off at the same time on the same date. In order to avoid paralysis of individual departments or even the entire company, managers need to have an overview of their employees' planned absence from work. The more employees a company has, the greater the problem can arise in coordinating their leave to ensure the full operation of the entire company. Fortunately, there are very useful tools for better overview and planning.

Avoid problems with the HRON attendance system

The days when holiday requests were written on slips of paper are fortunately a thing of the past in modern companies. Thanks to the HRON time and attendance system, employees can easily request leave virtually anytime and from anywhere - whether at work from a computer or at home from a mobile phone. He can also easily report his absence in case of a doctor's appointment or illness. The system even allows you to record planned business trips or other events that could affect the operation of the company. Thanks to this, management and HR managers have an immediate, clear and accurate overview of planned or unplanned absences of their employees from work, and they are able to better schedule when to allow employees to take leave so that the company can operate at full capacity throughout the year.

Do you also want to have a perfect overview of your employees' attendance and holidays?